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The exclusive Manta closed heel fins features side channels to maximize performance with minimum effort. The special technology with which they are designed allows this model to be perfect for super high performance underwater adventures.
The Manta fin model has a reinforced foot pocket designed for every type of foot: these snorkeling fins are comfortable, practical and easy to wear.
Thanks to a perfect combination of design and great quality materials, Manta fins promise great performance in the water.
The blade is designed for a smooth and light swim; the movement is perfectly directed thanks to rubber-covered side ribs that optimize energy.
In addition, the two-channel design ensures greater propulsion: in this way the fin is powerful and energetic, but without tiring the body.

The main features that make the Manta fin ideal for great performance are:

– ultra comfort foot pocket
– Super efficient blade with technology that optimizes efficiency
– Rubberized side ribs to avoid wasting energy
– Design with 2-channel technology for increased propulsion and reinforced movement
– Super durable construction.

The fin is available in blue, yellow and white.

How to use Manta snorkel fins:
– The fins make it easy to move through the water, whether on the surface or underwater.
– Wear fins only when you are in the water, or immediately before diving from the boat. Do not wear fins to walk out of the water. If in the water, walk backwards only to avoid tripping.
– Wet your feet and fins to help the fit.
– Turn the heel of the bootie upside down and return it to its original position after inserting the foot.

Care and maintenance of Manta snorkel fins.
Follow the advice and instructions in the package insert. 


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