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EQ-Comfort Primaloft Clo 2.2.


Description of undersuit:

A/ Area of fitted profile.

1.The construction of suit is ergonomic and maneuvarable:

a/the entrance plastic coil YKK zipper placed in vertical way in front of torso enables user

closing/opening in very easy way, where additionally zipper has two sliders.

2.The textile fabric is PRIMALOFT material being waterproof and breathable.

3.The value of Clo is 2,2 what means a very good thermal protection for user.

4.Undersuit is very lightweight and flexible.

B/Area of fitted details.

1.Undersuit’s collar is made from soft fleece.

2.Undersuit has one pocket placed on chest area and two pockets on hips area.

3.On the back side of undersuit is rubber puller at waist level for better fitting to body shape.

4.Sleeves are ended by soft fleece and two rubber straps inside for catching fingers thumbs.

5.Trousers are ended by highly stretchable socks from lycra.

C/Area of fitted configurations.

1.Undersuit can be made from PRIMALOFT material having different Clo values – from

0,45 up to 2,2.

2.Undersuit is available in standard sizes and made to measure.

Available on backorder


Undersuit–Model: “EQ-Comfort”- Reference number: US-01.

Application of undersuit:

For persons using dry-suits in diving and immersion version.


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