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DSMB closed 140 cm long orange


Closed SMB
Pull Dump
Oral or Low Pressure Hose Inflation


The XDEEP Orange 140cm Closed SMB Solas Reflective Tape is compact, highly visible delayed surface marker buoy. The bright yellow colour with 3M Reflective Tape is ideal for diving conditions with no significant waves, and perfect for lakes and quarry diving. The SMB is easier to launch than a longer buoy and compact so takes up less space in your BCD or drysuit pocket.

Simple, lightweight and reliable
XDEEP open SMB is a perfect solution for people who appreciate simple solutions but however made of top quality materials.

The buoy is not equipped with a self-sealing valve and a pressure relief valve which when rolled up takes very little space. The additional advantage here is that in this buoy, nothing can break down!

Visible also at night and at very long distances
XDEEP SMB is equipped with a special 3M Scotchlite reflective tape with SOLAS maritime visibility certificate.

This perfect fluorescent material guarantees that the buoy will be visible at a very long distance. It is especially important at night it is very difficult to make out something as small as a SMB.

Always ideally cleared and at hand
In the lower part, the SMB is equipped with a rubber band loop. When rolled up the bouy is kept neat and takes up little space.

Such a solution is much better than any buoy holder. When the SMB is needed, you can unroll it with one move without wasting time.

Space for chemical light or message
In the upper part of the SMB, there is a transparent holder where a chemical light or paper with information for the surface support team.

It is a perfect solution when you want to pass a message that you need something, while staying at the deco stop.

Why did we place it on the side and not at the top of the buoy? Such an arrangement guarantees that the things you put inside will not fall out while the buoy is floating on the water.

Easy to deploy
The lower loop in the XDEEP SMB was made in such a way so as to maintain its round shape. This makes it easier to move the reel or to clip the double-ended snap hook together.

This apparently small change is a huge convenience and speeds up the deployment of the buoy especially when you do it in poor visibility conditions.

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