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Cylinder 12l (1 pcs) left or right


Round bottom 12L steel Euro cylinder with Left or Right hand expandable valve. O2 clean. 232 bar. Suitable for sidemount divers.

Cylinder specification:

Size: 12L
Working pressure: 232 bar
O2 clean
Diameter: 171mm
Length: 690mm
Empty weight: 14.5kg
Valve specification:


Expandable with blanking plug
Available as left or right hand valve
O2 clean


We offer professional sales services of cylinders and diving equipment. We are Polish authorised representative of Vitkovice Cylinders. We also offer cylinders / diving equipment service and cylinders filling.



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Over 120 years of experience in production of high pressure steel cylinders allows us to offer you the highest quality.

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Cylinders with 10 years certificate!
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