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EQUES Cordutech Front-Zip for women “FLEX”



I Materials and components.

Made entirely from materials and components manufactured in Europe.
1. Cordura, basis weight: 620 g./ 1 m, suplier: Britain.
2. Neoprene, supplier: Europe.
3. Elastic latex cuffs ( neck and sleeves ) supplier: Britain.
4. Gas-tight zipper, supplier: Dynat-YKK from Germany.
5. Plastic zipper, supplier: YKK from Poland.
6. Valves, supplier: Sitech from Sweden.
a/ inlet valve model with slide: SLIDE INT’L 360 SWIVEL,
b/ exhaust valve model: HIGH FLOW STAR LID,
7. Ring system in sleeves, supplier: Sitech from Sweden.
a/ mobile ring model: Quick Clamp Set.
8. Shoes, supplier from Poland: hand made from rubber compound of the newest generation with Eques trademark.
9. Special threads, supplier: Aman from Germany.
10. Special glue, supplier: Britain….

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•General description:

II Suit configuration.

Standard version of the suit includes:
1. separate dry hood.
2. separate hose of 90 cm length.
3. integrated neoprene neck warming collar.
4. Latex neck seal
5. mobile rings manufactured by Sitech in sleeves.
6. gas-tight zipper at the front in diagonal location, covered with additional zipper of “protector” type.
7. centrally located addition valve on the torso and bleeder valve located on the left sleeve at shoulder level.
8. internal suspenders with smooth regulation.
9. telescopic system at the torso level.
10. one side pocket on the leg.
11. sewn-on patches of “double-segment” type made of Cordura on the front sides of the legs.
12. shoes connected with legs.
13. colors: black.

III Suit functionality.

Each suit part includes well-thought-out solutions intended to increase comfort and safety during use.
1. Removal of excess air.
This function is carried out by dry hood, made of neoprene of 5 mm thickness, with face sealing shaped thanks to labyrinth valve system ( Air Labirynth System ) located in the upper part of the hood.
2. Thermal characteristics of the suit.
Although insulation clothing under the suit ensures retaining of proper body temperature during diving, it does not solve the problem of heat loss through head, neck and feet. These functions are additionally carried out by neoprene dry hood and neoprene neck warming collar since neoprene demonstrates very good insulation properties. Feet, on the other hand, are protected by hand made shoes of rubber compound of protected composition which were positively tested during dives under winter conditions of the North and South Pole. Their additional valuable characteristic is a possibility of independent turning inside out during suit drying.
3. Body fit.
Elastic suspenders with smooth regulation inside allow for fitting according to individual demands of the suit user. Moreover, telescopic system at the torso level as well as additional regulation in the crotch ensure dynamic suit regulation to the user depending on his moves which increases suit maneuverability.
4. Additional safety features.
This function includes a system of additional safety features in the form of “protector’ type flap, closed with Velcro tape on the gas-tight zipper and patches of “double-segment” type made of Cordura on the legs which don’t limit mobility thanks to fitting to leg cut.
5. Suit buoyancy regulation.
Addition valve with “slide” type mechanism prevents from accidental valve opening and in this way letting uncontrolled amount of gas mixture into the suit.
6. Exchangeability of latex cuffs in sleeves.
A system of mobile rings in the sleeves increases choice range – depending on the circumstances the user can independently install the rings inside sleeves in order to use dry gloves or resign from mobile rings, if he decides to use wet gloves.
Sleeves of the suit are finished with external neoprene warming cuff which additionally protects mobile rings. Internal latex cuffs are integrated with the suit sleeve.

IV Manufacturing technology.

Material connection consists of two technological operations:
1. the material is joined on the outside by contact connection with sewn-on elastic tape,
2. material connection on the inside is joined by heat vulcanization of the rubber tape under high pressure and for the strictly measured time, which ensures leaktightness of the suit seams….

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