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COMPUTER Ratio iDive Color Deep


Dive computer watches – Air and Nitrox, Trimix (normoxic), 3 air mixes, air-integrated, multi-transmitter, 1.3 inc IPS color display, compass and much more

Available on backorder


Super Colored Display – super bright colors.The high contrast 1.3 inch. Color display uses the same technology as the iX3M, it is very legible even in low light conditions.

Fully ARMORED iDive – Can stand your dive … or a hammer.

> Armored steel buttons
> Stainless steel bezel and caseback
> Mineral glass
> Heavy duty polymer housing.

Multi Tank Wireless Transmitter – iDive COLOR can monitor up to 10 * wireless transmitters simultaneously (up to 2 for iDive Easy, up to 3 for iDive Deep, up to 10 for iDive Tech +)

Multi Transmitter SideMount Mode – A SideMount mode to take advantage of all the capabilities of the Multi Wireless Transmitter with iDive COLOR.

> SideMount Mode: Tank Auto-Switch. Start breathing from one of the two SideMount bottles: The iDive will automatically switch the transmitter, which will then be displayed on the RBT / BAR (PSI) screen.

> SideMount: Total RBT iDive calculates the remaining RBT considering the side mount bottles containing the same air mixture

Double Core Deco Algorithm – Bühlmann and VPM built-in Choose the algorithm you want to use on your next dive directly from the iDive COLOR menu.

Icon-based screen – iDive Color is super easy to use. The user interface is as intuitive as possible. Most of the four mechanical buttons have the same function. Up, Down, Enter, Exit

Deco table, during the dive – Decoplans before the dive, Deco table during the dive. Displays all deco stops during the dive for both Bühlmann ZHL-16 B and VPM-B.

X Analyzer Integration – The World’s First Watch Computer to Analyze Your Nitrox Bottle.

Simply connect the optional sensor and use the iDive as a professional real-time gas analyzer. With the help of its sensors, the iDive automatically calibrates itself to the ambient conditions and thus achieves the highest possible accuracy in the measurement.

Dive Modes Air – Nitrox – Trimix (normoxic) – Gauge – Freediving
Wireless Air Integration (Transmitter, Sender) Compatible with Ratio Color Coded Wireless Transmitter
Multi Transmitter Yes, up to 3 wireless transmitters
Side Mount Multi Transmitter mode: Yes
Mix 3 Mix (O2: 18% – 99% / He: 0% – 50%)
Deco model (Algorithm) Buhlmann ZHL-16 B + VPM-B
Algorithm adjustment 12 User Settable protection Levels (6 levels for Buhlmann and 6 levels for VPM-B)
Repetitive Dives management Yes
4 mechanical buttons Yes
Intuitive interface Yes, + “Back” button
Gas switch and Gas break during the dive Yes
Altitude adjustment Automatic
Water type Salt / Fresh
Deep Stop Yes
Safety Stop Adjustment Yes, Time and depth
Last deco stop depth manual adjustment Yes
Manual adjustment of all Deco Stops No
Alerts Acoustic + visual
Dive Planner No Deco Limit + Full Deco Planner
Compass Yes, 3D Compass, 1° resolution, +/- 1° accuracy
Oxygen Analyser Yes (Oxygen Analyser sold separately)
Outdoor functions Altimeter, Barometer, Temperature, Weather forecast
Other Functions (Apps) Stopwatch, Lunar phases, Alarm clock, Dual Time
Display Color, IPS, 1.3-Inch, 240×240 pixel, 261 ppi, 100% matrix
Display view angle over 150° (IPS Technology)
Bezel Stainless Steel
Top Glass Mineral
Case Heavy Duty Composite Polymer
Straps Silicone
Dive strap extension Included
Battery USB Rechargeable Li-ion (~ 20 hr diving, ~ 1-2 months in watch-mode only)
Weight 80 gr / 2,8 oz
Logbook ~160 hr scuba (sampling 10 sec)
Max Depth 150 mt / 500 ft
PC/Mac interface Yes, USB cable included
Updates Yes, user updateble for free
On the edge:

Absolutely NO Plastic Use – All plastic bags from the iX3M consumer packaging are removed. Only corn-based protective films are used instead of bubble wrap.
100% recycled cardboard – Use of 100% recycled cardboard for packaging and water-based ink for package leaflet.
No printed user manual – the user manual is only online. Saving up to 30 A4 sheets for every sold iX3M.


Watches Dive Computer: iDive Color Deep
USB cable
Replacement O-ring for USB cable
Extension for bracelet

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