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The computer with large, easy-to-use display – air and nitrox, 2 air mixtures, huge color display, vibration alarm

Available on backorder


Air and Nitrox, 2 mix, Air Integrated, huge color display, Integrated GPS, Vibration Alarm. iX3M [Gps] Easy: A dive computer that is as big as it is easy to use.Just remember to wear it and leave the rest to it!

The largest, most colorful display ever – 2.8 “HD display

Multi-tank Transmitter – can monitor up to 10 * wireless transmitters simultaneously (up to 2 for iX3M Easy, up to 3 for iX3M Deep, up to 10 for iX3M Tech + and iX3M Reb)

Multi Transmitter: Side Mount Mode – a side mount mode to take advantage of all the features of the Multi Wireless Transmitter

SideMount Mode – Tank Auto-Switch: Start breathing from one of the two SideMount cylinders: The iX3M will automatically switch the transmitter, which will then be displayed on the BAR (PSI) screen.

SideMount: Total RBT – the iX3M calculates the remaining RBT considering the SideMount bottle containing the same air mixture.

Double Core Decompression Algorithm Bühlmann and VPM – Choose the algorithm you want to use on your next dive directly from the iX3M menu. (solo via iX3M Deep, iX3M Tech + and iX3M Reb)

User adjustable gradient factors (Low and High) and critical bubble radius (for iX3M Deep, iX3M Tech + and iX3M Reb)

Deco table during the dive – decoplane before the dive, deco table during the dive (shows all deco stops during the dive for both Bühlmann ZHL-16 B and VPM-B)

Super easy to use – 4 mechanical buttons + con HOME button – User friendly menu and 4 mechanical stainless steel buttons for navigating. Plus a home button to return to the main dive screen. Just in case.

iX3M is multilingual – German or English, Italian, French

Vibrtionsalarm – the vibration of the iX3M you can still feel in dry suit

GPS integrated *, just enter the coordinates, the iX3M will take you there. The modern sensor works with all major satellite systems (GPS-USA, GLONASS-Russia, QZSS-Japan, BEIDOU-China) for a perfect, worldwide signal. * Only for iX3M [GPS] Series and N.B. Function underwater limited.

The best compass – 3D to 1 ° accurate measurement and presentation. Inclination angle up to 85 ° with visual and numerical representation of the current and the reverse course.

Dive Modes Air – Nitrox – Gauge – Freediving
Wireless Air Integration (Transmitter, Sender) Compatible with Ratio Color Coded Wireless Transmitter
Multi Transmitter Yes, up to 2 wireless transmitters
Side Mount Multi Transmitter mode: Yes
Mix 2 mix (O2: 21% – 99%)
Deco model (Algorithm) Buhlmann ZHL-16 B
Algorithm adjustment 6 User Settable protection Levels
Repetitive Dives management Yes
4 mechanical buttons Yes
Intuitive interface Yes, + “Home” button
Gas switch and Gas break during the dive Yes
PO2 1.2 – 1.6
CNS Calculation Yes
Altitude adjustment Automatic
Water type Salt / Fresh
Deep Stop Yes
Safety Stop Adjustment Yes, Time and depth
Last deco stop depth manual adjustment Yes
Manual adjustment of all Deco Stops No
Alerts Vibration + acoustic + visual
Dive Planner No Deco Limit + Full Deco Planner
Compass Yes, 3D Compass, 1° resolution, +/- 1° accuracy
Oxygen Analyser Yes (Oxygen Analyser sold separately)
Satellite (Global positioning) Yes (GPS / GLONASS / QZSS / BEIDU)
Outdoor functions Altimeter, Barometer, Temperature, Weather forecast
Other Functions (Apps) Gas Blender, Magnetometer ,Stopwatch, Pitch&Roll, Moon calendar
Display Color, IPS, 2.8-Inch, 320×240 pixel, 144 dpi, 100% matrix
Display view angle over 150° (IPS Technology)
Top Glass Mackrolon
Case Derlin
Straps Redundant Stretch-Belts with fas release or Bungees (included)
Battery USB Rechargeable Li-ion (~30 hr of diving)
Weight 300 gr / 11 oz
Logbook ~160 hr scuba (sampling 10 sec)
Max Depth 300 mt / 984 ft
PC/Mac interface Yes, USB cable included
Updates Yes, user updateble for free
On the edge:

Absolutely NO Plastic Use – All plastic bags from the iX3M consumer packaging are removed. Only corn-based protective films are used instead of bubble wrap.
100% recycled cardboard – Use of 100% recycled cardboard for packaging and water-based ink for package leaflet.
No printed user manual – the user manual is only online. Saving up to 30 A4 sheets for every sold iX3M.


Dive Computer: iX3M [GPS] Easy
USB cable
Replacement O-ring for USB cable
Bungee Kit

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