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+ 47 465 66 406 NORWAYDIVING, Gammelbakkan 45, 7633 FROSTA

My name is Leszek Klonowski,

I am an instructor and passionate about diving, I dive and I have been exploring the underwater world for 19 years.

I teach diving in the international federation Scuba School International. SSI privileges are recognized worldwide.

My goal is teaching diving, organizing guided diving trips and selling high-end diving equipment of various brands. You can see all the equipment you need and buy it in my online store. NORWAYDIVING is the only representative in Norway of the Mares, Xdeep, GRALmarine. We cooperate also with Polish producer of the EQUES brand of the highest quality dry suits for military and recreational divers.

The NORWAYDIVING base is located in Frosta. I believe this place is a paradise for diving, where everyone will find something for themselves. A rich variety of flora and fauna and wrecks are attractions throughout Trondheimfiord, as well as the nearby open ocean, which will delight anyone who wants to learn to dive here or to visit the local underwater world.

Life often overwhelms us with difficult matters, each of us needs a stepping stone from everyday life, diving gives you the opportunity to enter the surrounding silent underwater world that makes you recharge your batteries with positive energy.

From birth, man carries the weight of gravity on his shoulders. It is screwed to the ground. But it is enough to submerge under the surface of the water and become free.  – Jacques Yves Cousteau

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